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Alan Pink Tax occupies a niche position in the specialist tax advisory profession.

Alan Pink


Alan Pink is the senior tax consultant in the practice. He is qualified as a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser, having trained in a City of London firm and the tax department of a multi-national practice. He is editor of the monthly taxation bulletin entitled “The Schmidt Report” and has contributed extensively to Taxation Magazine and other professional journals. He advises a wide range of clients in taxation matters including high net worth individuals, owner managed businesses and substantial corporations.

Paul Hyland


Paul Hyland is a Chartered Accountant specialising in taxation and has many years’ experience in advising owner managed businesses. His proactive approach to practical tax issues often enables him to find answers to the sort of problems which can baffle accountants in general practice.

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What We Do

Individuals and owner managed businesses who require top level advice very often experience real difficulty in sourcing expertise which is both sufficiently authoritative and truly involved in their particular situation and problems.

In our view this is because of a fundamental split in the tax profession, with the vast majority of full time specialist tax consultants being employed by very large firms of accountants and solicitors, and hence tending to concentrate more on the issues relevant to multi national corporations.

Most individuals and owner managed businesses, on the other hand, are traditionally dealt with by the “High Street” accounting firm, which generally does not have the capacity to employ full time tax specialists.

That’s why we at Alan Pink Tax are different. We have specialised for many years in the tax affairs of such clients, and being a forward looking practice rather than one concentrated on tax compliance, our approach is both involved and pro-active.

In uncertain economic times, it is worth bearing in mind that tax is the largest overhead for a majority of businesses and, like other overheads, can richly repay the efforts of bringing particular ideas to bear on the way the substantial expense occurs, above all taking nothing for granted.

Did you know that Alan Pink is a published author?

Our Office

Our office is based in the beautiful town of Tunbridge Wells in the south east of the UK.

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